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ABB Smart® Tool +

ABB’s Smart Dieless Crimping  and Reporting Tool      NEW FROM ABB!

Smart® Tool+ helps deliver a perfect crimp every time by automatically measuring the inserted connector and applying the ideal compression depth and force, giving you the precision of a die without the complications. An in-tool indicator confirms a secure crimp, and that data is stored and uploaded to a cloud database via Bluetooth technology.

Use RFID-enabled Color-Keyed connectors for maximum efficiency.Transfer confirmation data from tool to mobile device via custom app.Upload records to your online database from the mobile app.

Eliminate dies.       Eliminate mistakes*.        Eliminate doubt.

Once Smart Tool+ reads the RFID tag, it knows
the material and size of the lug – so there’s no
need to switch dies and make size adjustments.
With a crimp range of 3/0 AWG through 750
copper and 1/0 through 600 kcmil aluminum
lugs and splices, you’ll have one tool to fit most
lugs and cables you encounter.


Product Video

Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent Dieless Crimping System
  • Lightweight balanced inline design
  • UL 486 compliant with a single crimp
  • 3/0 – 750 CU and 1/0 to 600 AL range
  • Backward compatible for standard lugs
  • Catalog Part Number: BTRF-37C16A


  • Critical Power
  • Data Centers
  • OEM Switch Gear and Power Critical Equipment
  • Critical Asset installations

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